How to Make Sales with a Small Email List

small list? no problem. How to Make Sales with a Small Email List add your flippin' email a list of 250 people can make $10,000 Let's say you've created something spectacular, and are ready to go to market. But expensive Facebook ads aren't exactly in the budget, and neither is paying a firm to market your product. But you do have a little email list. And for the most ... Read the Post

Lifeing as a Creative.

The act of doing life. I was watching Brene Brown's "The Call to Courage" today. It kept showing up on my Netflix feed, and I kept avoiding it until I had an hour to myself, because my husband really isn't into Ted-type talks. Watching this show was perfect timing today. As a family, behind the scenes, we're dealing with a cancer diagnosis of our 2-year-old, which has been ... Read the Post

Learn Everything You Really Want to Know About Pinterest

Some "experts" will say that growing your blog takes a substantial amount of time. I'd have to agree with that to extent. But growing a blog and getting traffic to it are two different things. And you're not going to be able to tell if what you're growing is a viable topic or anything people are actually interested in without blog traffic.That's where Pinterest comes into play. I have spent 2 ... Read the Post