small list? no problem.

How to Make Sales with a Small Email List

a list of 250 people can make $10,000

Let’s say you’ve created something spectacular, and are ready to go to market. But expensive Facebook ads aren’t exactly in the budget, and neither is paying a firm to market your product. 

But you do have a little email list. And for the most part, people are engaged. Because you’ve worked hard at delivering value, and your subscribers know you have this product launch coming up.

A list of 250 with a 5% buy rate = 12.5 people.

If your product is $800, that’s $10,000. 

Or, maybe you offer payment plans, and 20% of those people buy at a $197/month payment plan. Not only did you just secure $10,000 for your first month, but you have $10,000 for the next 3 months after that. 

I’ve seen it happen. I’ve done this with a course. 

But maybe your product doesn’t cost that much. And it’s $29. Easy. Assume a 2% buy rate from a list of 250, and that’s $145 that you could easily invest back into ads to broaden your reach, get more people added to your list, and ultimately, sell to.

But first, you have to have an audience that trusts you. 

myths of list size

This notion that you need a huge email list in order to make an income from whatever venture is floating your boat is ridiculous. Stop worrying about size. Like we tell men, size doesn’t matter. <cough cough>

No really. It doesn’t. In this case. We all start somewhere small. Because you can’t buy lists and expect them to work. Lots of laws in place now, and no one has time to hassle with that.

You want real people who have come to be familiar with your work. With your posts. Images. Whatever you’re flinging out there to market yourself. 

I’ve known small lists to do big things. After all, it’s what you DO with it that matters. <alright, enough with the penis jokes> A list of 250 people could easily bring in $10k if you knew how to, um, work it properly. <you dirty, dirty writer. stop it.>

numbers vs. attraction

Page views stats are cool. So are follower numbers. Engagement stats are awesome also. But do fancy numbers attract an audience? Nope.

So, what do you do? Well, you need to focus on attraction first, and then retention. What could be wrong with your current setup?

1. You might be marketing in the wrong place. You want relevant people, not just anyone. Relevance matters. If not relevant, people leave (hence the two steps forward, four steps back your list might be doing).

2. Your lead magnet or opt-in freebie might not be attractive enough or relevant to what their challenge or problem is is cliche, boring, or not valuable enough.

3. You might not be getting people transferred over from social media to your email list. (Pst-begging people to sign up for your email list or asking for follows all the time is NOT the answer).

4. Your website is not converting well sucks. Opt-in forms are poorly constructed, your copy is stiff, or your layout / format looks like a $50 design job. 

So basically, you need to get your shit together. Find your people. Create better lead magnets. Work on design and writing. You know, actual work

it's your party

Don’t build your tribe of people on someone else’s platform. Make sure you’re in charge of the rules. That’s why connecting with your audience over email makes so much more sense. 

What happens if you get thrown in FB jail? Or your Instagram account gets hacked? Or your Pinterest account gets closed down for spam? That email list is going to save your behind. 

Email list marketing beats social media’s ass any day of the week. It’s personal, focused, you own it, it establishes your authority, and gives you permission to sell. 

It’s YOUR party. Not someone else’s, and there’s no silly rules to follow. 

mistakes bloggers & writers make with email

1. Your welcome email sucks. You know, the cheesy, “hey, thanks for signing up, here’s your download” type bullshit. Laaaaame. Your welcome email needs to inspire and shine. People are the most jazzed about your brand within the first 48 hours of signing up. Don’t disappoint. 

2. You don’t have a full email series written. You have a welcome email, but then you ghost your subscribers. Have the whole series written first. 

3. You have the mindset that bigger email lists are better. Not so. Engagement from your list, regardless of size, is what really matters. Delete people who don’t open up your emails. Don’t pay for their unresponsive ass. Dooooooo iiiiiiit.

4. Your emails are mega-complicated. Too many offers, too many calls to action, too much information. Too many images. Just… stop. To the point or on-point is key. 

oh. you're still here? ok, let's keep going.

don't panic.

Let’s say you’re making some mistakes. And you want to improve. Because you’re a friggin’ badass. 

This will take some time, but it’ll work out for the better. And, you can grab this fancy pants checklist to help you out. And it’s important to get this right, because if your lead magnet sucks, it doesn’t matter how good you are at writing emails. (Because no one will be reading them!)

So… hit the button below.

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